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Business & Careers

Brainfuse: JobNow is an online service designed to support job seekers. Tip Sheet

MasterFILE Premier: Your one-stop shop for business articles, periodicals, reference books, and more.

Canadian Facts & Genealogy Learn about your family tree. Find census, birth, marriage, death records and more.  For access to the Archives of Ontario through Ancestry, click here (in-library use only for both resources)

Canadian Points of View: Great for students grades 7 to 12, this resource has articles on various Canadian issues and topics, as well as the Canadian view on world issues.

Canadian Reference Centre: Articles from Canadian newspapers, journals and reference books.

Globe and Mail Historical (1844-2010): Full text and searchable, one of Canada’s oldest newspapers is now available 24/7 through your library.

Toronto Star Historical (1894-2015): Full text to the newspaper now available anywhere with your Library card.

Our Stories Innisfil: An online, growing collection of local historical information, including photos, vital statistics, newpaper articles and other documents. Post your own local stories to add to the collection.

DIY Projects & Hobbies

Small Engine Repair Reference Centre: Service manuals and more for lawnmowers, snowmobiles, tractors, ATVs, generators, and boat engines.

Health & Wellness

Consumer Health Complete: Canadian health information including medications, alternative medicine and information on specific conditions. Aussi disponible en français. Tip Sheet

Teen Health & Wellness: Information on health issues affecting teens, including: depression, sexuality, drugs, diseases and more.

Homework Help/General Knowledge

Brainfuse: HelpNow provides on demand, anytime, anywhere e-learning for all ages including live tutoring and homework help in core subjects. Tip Sheet

Global Road Warrior: Information on countries, including currency, recipes, politics, and much more – great for school projects or travel.

Kermode can be used to help you and your family improve your media/digital literacy skills and become more informed, more powerful digital citizens. It uses cutting-edge software to help you evaluate online content, build media literacy skills, and think critically about the information you see online. Tip Sheet

MasterFILE Premier: This database provides full-text magazines, articles, and primary source documents on business, health, education, general science, multicultural issues, and much more, updated daily. Includes an extensive image collection containing photos, maps, and flags.

Primary Search: Searchable magazine articles, reference books, and videos, especially for elementary students. Covers a variety of topics including endangered species, famous musicians, space exploration, and more.

Science Reference Centre: Science fair ideas, articles, and so much more.

World Book Online: Encyclopedia-quality information for all ages and grades. Includes digital books, French and Spanish-language interface, social studies, science, and even crafts!

Languages & Lifelong Learning

LinkedIn Learning provides access to over 16 000 courses and tutorials that range from a few minutes to several hours in length. Courses cover a variety of topics, including art, design, web development, business, and productivity software (MS Office and others), and are available in 7 languages. Expert instructors make it easy to learn, and searchable transcripts help you review and answer questions. 
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Access Requirements: a membership with us! Use the number from the back of your library card to login along with this password: ideaLAB. It may take up to 2 weeks to gain access under a new membership.

Little Pim: Powered by Mango Languages, provides language learning lessons to young children using an immersive technique. Children can watch videos of Pim the Panda as he teaches them essential vocabulary and phrases, making learning fun and enjoyable. Each section contains several videos that fall within a specific topic, with practice cards to reinforce topics covered.

Mango Languages: Mango provides lessons for language learning in over 70 different languages, including Spanish, French, Mandarin, Punjabi, and more, including courses for English language learners. The lessons are arranged so that learners can move at their own pace with each lesson having goals and concepts that build on those that came before it.

Transparent Language: Learn a new language with courses and supplemental resources available in 110+ languages, including 11 Indigenous Languages spoken in Canada. Tip Sheet

Readers’ Favourites!

LOTE4Kids: LOTE4Kids was developed for libraries and schools to grow their World Language picture book collections, to help engage culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) families and support kids learning a language. There are over 3000 titles in 65+ languages.

NoveList Plus: Search for books by subjects, plot, characters and more. Descriptions, reading levels and ratings are provided. Tip Sheet

NoveList K-8: All of the features of NoveList, but especially for kids.